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Ganen is a platform that provides business agency services, which is owned by Zhenxi Company. Zhenxi Company is located in the wire mesh industry belt, where many factories do not have foreign trade business capabilities. We help these enterprises export their wire mesh products and also help overseas customers purchase local wire mesh products.
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Market demand promotes the export growth of hot-dip galvanized grating

Hot-dip galvanized steel grating steel grating industry continues to develop: market demand drives industry innovation and growthOn July 4, 2023, the prosperity and sus...


Faq Here are some common answers to questions
  • Why do I need a Chinese procurement manager?

    Why do I need a Chinese procurement manager?

    If you are a foreigner, I believe that the quotation given by domestic factories to you will be relatively higher than that of domestic people. However, if your procurement quantity is large, the higher price will be a significant expense for foreign customers.

    Thankfully, as a business agent company, we know how to purchase low-cost materials and goods in Chinese Mainland. We are familiar with more Chinese goods trading rules. At the same time, some factories may produce goods with good quality and low prices, but they are unable to export their goods to foreigners because they do not speak English and are not familiar with foreign trade documents.

    China Foreign Trade Procurement Agent

    And this type of factory is exactly the object of our cooperation. Our mission is to spread the products of factories that are not capable of conducting foreign trade transactions at affordable prices to foreign customers.

    So you need a business representative. In addition to procurement, we can also engage in business agency. For some things, if you travel by plane between two countries, the transportation cost is high, and these things can be completed without having to personally handle them, just like entrusted handling, which can save you high transportation costs, time, energy, and expenses.

  • Do you understand the technical requirements for edge wrapping of gratings?

    When we perform edge welding on steel grating, there are many parts that require special attention, especially some requirements that must not be ignored. Next, everyone can follow the steel grating manufacturer to take a look at the content that needs to be mastered when using steel grating. Below are some introductions about edge welding technology:

    The steel grating can be delivered without edge wrapping according to the request of the buyer. The steel grating edge shall be welded with a single sided fillet weld with a height not less than the thickness of the bearing flat steel, and the weld length shall not be less than 4 times the thickness of the bearing flat steel. When the steel grating is not subjected to load on the edge plate, the steel grating plate is allowed to be welded at a distance of four load-bearing flat steels, but the spacing should not exceed 150mm

    When the steel grating is subjected to load on the edge plate, distance welding is not allowed. The edge plate that is in the same direction as the bearing flat steel must be welded to each crossbar. If the incision or opening in the steel grating exceeds 180mm, it should be treated with edge wrapping.

    The end edge plates of the steel grating stair treads should be fully welded on at least one side. If there is a front edge protective board on the steel grating stair step board, it must run through the entire step.

    The load-bearing flat steel of the steel grating can be rectangular section flat steel, I-shaped section steel, or other geometric section steel. The load-bearing flat steel of the steel grating can be equipped with teeth to increase the anti slip force of the steel grating. The minimum width of the steel grating on the platform (walkway) of the steel grating should not be less than 300mm within every 100mm, and should not be less than 5 teeth

    These are detailed introductions to the welding technology of steel grating edge wrapping. I believe that after reading them, everyone will have a new understanding of steel grating and love it even more.

    We are a supplier of grating products. If you have any further grating technical questions or need wholesale, you can send us your requirements in the Contact Us section.

  • What are the advantages of steel grating plates?

    The advantages of steel grating plates are the main reason for their widespread application. Do you understand the advantages and materials of steel grating plates? Today, let me introduce the advantages and materials of steel grating panels to you!

    Steel grating plates can be divided into pressure welded galvanized (Zinc) steel grating plates and pressure locked galvanized steel grating plates according to the manufacturing process. Below is an introduction to the advantages of steel grating panels:

    Steel grating plates have advantages such as corrosion resistance and aging resistance, and can be customized according to customer requirements. Its production engineering is not complicated. It mainly uses carbon (C) steel as raw material. Its surface is hot-dip galvanized (Hot-dip galvanization), which can prevent oxidation.

    Steel grating, also known as steel grating, is commonly referred to as steel grating by southerners and northerners due to regional differences. Generally referred to as steel grating.

    Steel grating plate is a type of steel product that uses flat steel to cross arrange with a certain spacing and horizontal bars, and is welded into a square grid in the middle. It is mainly used for making ditch covers, steel structure platform plates, steel ladder step plates, etc. The horizontal bars are generally made of twisted square steel.

    The steel grating plate is generally made of carbon (C) plain steel, and its surface is hot-dip galvanized (Hot-dip galvanization) to prevent oxidation. It can also be made of stainless steel. The steel grating plate has ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, anti slip, explosion-proof and other performance. The surface of the steel grating plate can be punched with teeth to increase its anti slip performance. Flat steel can also be made of I-type flat steel.

    Advantages of steel grating plates:

    1. Material saving: Due to the strong load-bearing capacity of steel grating, it has a material saving method under the same load conditions, which can correspondingly reduce the material used to support the structure.

    2. Easy construction: Use bolts to reinforce the pre installed support, which can be completed by one person.

    3. Durable: Hot-dip galvanization anti-corrosion treatment (ch ǔ  L ǐ), Strong resistance to impact and heavy pressure.

    4. Lightweight structure: With fewer materials, the structure is light and easy to lift.

  • how to understand the basic composition and attribute parameters of bar grating

    Steel bar grating

    Steel grating is an open plate type steel component that is composed of cut flat steel and crossbars that are orthogonal combined at a certain distance and fixed by welding or locking. According to different production methods, it is mainly divided into pressure welded steel grating and pressure locked steel grating

    bearing bar

    Flat steel that bears the main load.

    Cross bar

    Twisted square steel, round steel, or flat steel fixed to negative Russian flat steel

    Clear opening

    The maximum Inscribed circle diameter of the open through hole of the steel grating.

    Bearing bar centers

    The distance from the center to the center of the adjacent two bearing and starting steels

    Cross bar centers

    The distance from the center to the center of two adjacent crossbars

    End bar

    Flat steel or section steel welded to the edge of the steel grating bearing flat steel or other openings or cuts

    Toe plate

    Baffles fixed around the platform or at the edges of steel grating cuts and openings


    The maximum size of the steel grating parallel to the direction of the bearing flat steel is called the length of the steel grating (L)


    The maximum size of the steel grating perpendicular to the direction of the bearing flat steel is called the width of the steel grating (W)

  • What specifications do you implement for the steel grating you sell?

    We are a Chinese foreign trade agency procurement service company, and the production of steel grating in China follows the following standards. 

    Download the standard of steel grating : https://pan.baidu.com/s/1N2OCfWiq2FNRbmszT42NIA?pwd=edbf

    The standards are issued by the Chinese government department and the language is Chinese. If you are not familiar with Chinese, you can leave a message to communicate with us about the specifications of the steel grating you need. So that we can understand your requirements for gratings correctly.

  • Requirements for galvanized layer of galvanized steel grating plate

    Galvanized steel grating plates have high requirements for galvanizing technology, and the zinc layer cannot be too thin or too thick. Next, we will explain in detail the requirements of galvanized steel grating plates for the galvanized layer.

    Galvanized steel grating is an original plate made of load flat steel and cross bars arranged at a certain distance in longitude and latitude, welded on a high-voltage resistance welding machine, and deep processed into a finished product required by customers through cutting, cutting, opening, edging and other processes. Then, it undergoes surface hot-dip galvanizing or cold galvanizing treatment.

    galvanized steel grating

    Galvanized steel grating has high requirements for the galvanizing technology of steel grating. The zinc layer thickness of steel grating is also relatively strict. If the zinc layer on the steel grating is too thin, it will lead to the appearance of leakage plating in the pores of the steel grating, resulting in a decrease in the anti-corrosion performance of the steel grating and affecting its service life. It is also not good for the zinc layer on the steel grating to be too thick. A thick zinc layer can easily cause the zinc layer to fall off, seriously affecting the quality of the steel grating.

    So when galvanizing, anti-corrosion work should be done well. Before galvanizing, pickling should be thorough and there should be no residual iron oxide. Otherwise, galvanizing cannot ensure that the zinc layer can adhere to the surface of the steel grating in good condition. The zinc layer cannot be too thin or too thick.

    If you need galvanized steel grating products ,you can have a look at the list of grating


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